Start of the term

This week is the start of term at Imperial. This means hat all the teaching starts and the new students arrive. This year we have around 240 undergraduate students who start studying physics.

This year I will meat some of these students in tutorial groups of four students. These groups provide an opportunity to discuss just about everything in physics: the Nobel Prize on graphene sheets and what they can be used for; how to estimate the relative efficiency of diesel versus electric cars; how to solve the latest problem sheet or why we have to learn about solving partial differential equations in order to be good at physics.

We also have 9 postgraduate students starting their 3.5 years of study within the High Energy Physics group. The students will initially have course work on both general issues such as quantum field theory but also more specific issues about flavour physics or the physics programme of the CMS collaboration. The students will through this be presented with the wide range of activities in our group and will then around Christmas decide which specific research project they will join. I will of course do my best to convince them to join the LHCb collaboration which I am a member of.

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